Multicolor Film Agency LLC

is a newcomer on the Polish media scene. We are a stable and thriving company, which concentrates its activity on the issues of human rights, supporting humanistic values and personal freedoms, particularly concerning sexual, gender, national, ethnic and religious minorities.

In collaboration with artistic communities we promote and support film and television production pertaining this subject matter. Through cooperation with intellectuals we disseminate knowledge on the issues of human rights and minorities. However, the main goal for taking up our activity is to create a consciousness of diversity in civic society and stress the need of equal rights for people from minority groups.

Our activity assumes three fields:
- agency in the field of legal transactions in broadcasting rights
- television and film production
- distribution

We would like to invite authors, producers, distributors and all the other people and organizations to cooperate with us and meaningfully influence the Polish media scene.

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Who we are?

Ania Aina Grodzkaend_of_the_skype_highl is a psychologist by education. She gained her basic film experience in Warsaw Documentary Film Studio.
Later she was a manager of a book publishing company as well as poligraphy and advertising company. For many years she cooperated with DT-Film company, working as a producer of feature movies and television series. She ran Media Partner company, which was producing films and television programs.
She has recently devoted herself to work in Multicolor Film Agency and social work in Trans-Fuzja Foundation.

Lalka Podobińska is a PhD in pharmacy, specializing in organizational and economy issues. Because of her personal virtues like honesty, reliability, precision and commitment to work, during her professional career she gained massive experience and recognition.
For many years she was a board member in various organizations (NGO's), currently in Trans-Fuzja Foundation.
In the Multicolor Film Agency she is using her talents and knowledge in assuring our company's reliable functioning.

Pawel Solodki is a master of arts in culture studies and media studies, an originator and from 2006 an organizer of Queer Film Festival in Lodz, Poland "a million different loves!?".
Works on his PhD in the Institute of Theory of Literature, Theater and Audio-Visual Arts at the University of Lodz, makes his specialization in gender and queer studies.

Sławomir Grunberg is a film director, cinematographer (director of photography) and producer of documentary films, since 1981 living in the United States of America.
He's a graduate of Directing Department of National Film School in Łódź. Has made over 40 films (movies) and received many prestigous movie and TV awards, including Emmy Awards and Jan Karski Award "For Courage and Heart".
More about author and His movies on:
''Coming Out in Poland''

Multicolor Film Agency is co-producer of the film under the working title: "Coming Out ​​In Poland".
It is a feature-length documentary film directed by Slawek Grünberg.

Film premiere: already in 2011.

The most of the hundreds of thousands of gays and lesbians living in Poland still lives in hiding. In recent years, several Polish "celebrities", including many artists and journalists began to speak openly about theirs homosexuality. For them, talking about being gay or lesbian is not a tragedy, and sometimes even contribute to their greater popularity and attracts media attention.
Despite changes in the general atmosphere around this subject in Poland, still live here, many young gay men and lesbians who are afraid to "get out of the closet" because they meet with disapproval from their families and the environment are often rejected and persecuted.

This film is a story about a few of them, both those whose "coming out" causing a sensation media, and these young people for whom disclosure of sexual identity - being a chance for a better, more authentic life - is often a long and often lonely and painful process.
Both "celebrities" and all the rest but this is a very important step in the quest to build an authentic life in the fast-changing Poland.


Directed by: Slawomir Grünberg II Director: Katka Reszke
Production: Film Ragusa (Lucy & Dariusz Kowalski), Canal Plus, Multicolor Film Agency, LOGTV, Ltd.

''Irena Sendler. In the name of their mothers''
Multicolor Film Agency is a co-production of the film, dir. Mary Skinner: "Irena Sendler. In the Name of Their Mothers. "
2B Production is a producer and
Multicolor Film Agency - producer of Polish and German versions of the film.
Photography is Slawomir Grünberg.

"Irena Sendler: In the Name of Their Mothers" is the true story of a group of young Polish women, some barely out of their teens, who outfoxed the Nazis during World War II to save the lives of thousands of Jewish children. For decades, Irena Sendler kept silent about her wartime work. Now, in the last long interviews she gave before she died at the age of 98, she reveals the truth about a daring conspiracy of women in occupied Poland.

Irena Sendler was a 29-yearold social worker when the Nazis invaded Poland.!!!When Warsaw’s Jews were imprisoned inside a ghetto without food and medicine, she and her friends smuggled in aid and began smuggling orphaned children out!–!hiding them in convents, orphanages and private homes. Soon they were appealing to Jewish mothers to part with their children in order to save them. Before the Nazis burned the entire district to the ground, they had managed to smuggle out over 2,500 children. Over the next two years, they would care for the children, disguise their identities and move them constantly, to keep them from being discovered and killed.!!They joined forces with the Polish Resistance to get money to fund and protect foster caretakers and they preserved the true identities of the children, hoping to re-unite them with their Jewish families after the war. In October of 1943, Irena Sendler was captured by the Gestapo, imprisoned and tortured.!!!

When she refused to divulge anything about her coworkers or her organization, she was sentenced to death.!!She escaped on the day she was to be executed, thanks to her friends in the Resistance who had managed to bribe a German guard. With a new false identity, she continued with her work until the end of the war. All of the children rescued by Sendler’s network survived the war, and many were re-united with their families!

This one-hour program features Irena Sendler and her liaisons along with several of the children they rescued. Their stories – evoked through rare archival footage, family photographs and poetic recreations shot in Warsaw – are a resounding testament to the power of moral courage, even in the darkest of times.